Why Responsive Design is Important?

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April 21st, 2015. Just a regular Tuesday for many, but in Webland, Google rolled out

one of their most significant updates so far this year  as they prioritised mobile and responsive websites in Google searches over websites that are not responsive.

So what does this mean? A responsive website is one that is designed specifically for mobile and tablet use. The website includes the code enabling it to identify the browser and device accessing it is a mobile devices so resizes and displays to suit the device.

How can you tell if your website is mobile friendly?

Easy! Google have a Free Tool where you can simply type in the URL of your website. The tool will scan and provide a report to let you know.

What google are responding to is the significant shift away from desktop and laptop computers, to more often (the first point of contact is) via a mobile device and Google have changed their referencing to reflect this.

Responsive design used to simply be for forward thinking companies wanting to present a better mobile experience to their users. This change is a direct announcement from Google that they are gearing future developments for mobile.

You can read the full release from Google about their responsive update Here and don’t forget to check if your website is responsive Here.