Why A Holistic Approach Matters

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If there’s one thing I firmly believe, there’s no silver bullet to fix your problems. Be it life our business, the only thing that I’ve found as a constant is that many very small things done well lead to achievement.

It was this approach that I used when I first worked in motorsport marketing, which is a highly competitive and underutilised area. I looked at the very small changes we could make quickly and easily and made them one at a time.

As we solved each problem, we would find ourselves led to new and better questions and this is the foundation of my approach.

As a Social Worker, my wife regularly speaks of her clinical framework that she uses to asses and work with people in their day to day lives. It’s this concept of a clinical framework that I see enormous benefit as we approach each new project.

Starting with the end in mind is always the first question. Why are we even starting this journey? That question is regularly the key to removing the uncertainty and zeroing in on a goal. All to often the shotgun approach is the first port of call and this will also lead to disappointment, if the tactic shows little return. With a goal in mind however, we can lay a path and approach with patience. Then next major key.

Everything is a process and takes time. Especially if you want it done well. Taking the time to review and reflect and alter the course as you are presented with new information is always the best course of action.

I believe that it’s important to discuss your framework as not all ideologies will match, we won’t be the perfect fit for every business and that’s ok. However if you appreciate the need to approach problem solving from a holistic framework, then we are already on the same page.

Scott Nelson

Scott is a Director of TPR MEDIA, an avid technology enthusiast and motorsport fan. You can get in touch via scott@tprmedia.com.au

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