What is the Importance of Responsive Web Design

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What is the Importance of Responsive Web Design

Now a days Web design continues to change at a rapid speed and such is an important part of the entire web development process and it can truly said to be the front end of any website. Everyone using internet and every business owners, bloggers and others depend on web traffic, responsive design is increasingly important.

Smart phones, tablets are changing the approach towards the design and user experience. Before the mobile which are not having advanced web browsing capability
web designers had only one primary challenge to deal with keeping the same look and feel of their websites in various desktop computer browsers. Interacting with websites on phones and tablets is not same as doing on desktop computers and laptops. The major factors such as Adobe Flash Technology, resolutions of pixels, optimized marktup technology have became very crucial while creating websites with responsive design. Before we understand that, we must understand what “Responsive Web Design” is.

Need of Responsive Web Design for Websites

The Responsive Web Design is referred to the collection of techniqes which allows a website to adapt toe the size of the screen in any device. The view should be equal in any device from laptop to the smart phone in which the website is viewed. To make this successfully visible in any screen, the designer should consider some constaints and the siet should be able to reformat to give the user an experience which best suits their device. Some of the advantages are,

1. Response Web Design (RWD) is helping in accessing the web browser on their smart phones or other gadgets.

2. Developing the web design has become quite an easy task as by using this technology, resizing of the images, texts and buttons to maximize the screen dimensions can be developed very fast for easy readability as per the device being used.

3. Responsive design eliminates the link between two sites issue altogether as all links will be pointing directly to one website for maximum SEO benefit.

4. Responsive design eliminates the issue by enabling your site to rank the same in search rankings across all devices.



It is important for you to understand that it is merely not the text and layout that should be flexible but the entire content of a website has to be flexible. Today, there is enough technology to make this happen. Fluid images, fluid grids and layouts are some of the most common methods that are used for making website flexible across different platforms.

Time & Money

The cost of responsive web design is cost that is more than making a conventional website. Creating responsive web design for website cuts total development cost which means of talking away the effort to maintain different versions of a website like desktop version or a mobile version.

Spreading of the Mobile Devices

Browsing through Mobile phones have became expontentially rising day to day and the traffic generating through these devices is also increasing accordingly. With the increase of the people using smartphones and tables, it has became a necessity for every business to design their website in responsive mode.

User experience

The success of the any website is based on the content which is placed on the website about the business and which enables the visitors of the site to consume from any device of their choice anytime.

Device Agnostic

A Responsive Website provides the perfect experience to the viewers visiting the website on any device, so it is necessary for the website owners to make their website a responsive one and not to exclude the option of designing a responsive website which enables the visitors to view the website in any device through which they expect their audience might visit their website.

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