What are the Major Factors to Consider before Designing a Website?

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What are the Major Factors to Consider before Designing a Website?


A website is a must to have thing for a business. If you are launching your new business then to have a creative and appealing website design for your business is a must. A website will represent your business or a brand, hence it should be attractive to grab the attention of visitors. Web design projects can vary from basic static page updates to comprehensive technological marvels including interactive flash video players, laser-targeted dynamic page loading and powerful conversion points. But because these design needs can vary so significantly from site to site, it’s difficult to estimate the cost of a project without knowing all of the specifics.


Finding Right Domain

Many people don’t know that selecting a good domain name to their business can help in their search engine rankings. Having a domain with rich keyword can play a factor in your ranking.

Lay Out Of the Site

If your website design and layout are looking great and inviting then you give potential customers the impression that you have paid attention to detail and that you care about being professional.

Navigation on Your Website

If the customer is not finding the information about your service or any product then they are going to search elsewhere. So carefully consider about navigation when you are planning website design and layout.

King Content

Make sure that your site having pure and valuable content that is easy to read and understand. The more people read pages or articles on your website, the more search engines deem it valuable and thus help your website rank higher.

Key Role of Keywords

When creating content, consider choosing extremely relevant keywords when developing your website. Search engines use keywords to display their search results, but keep in mind that you don’t want to keep repeating them because they will penalize you for it.


Call to Action Buttons

One of the methods to call to action function is to convert visitors to potential customers. Placing a call to action button like to start your free trail, download now and more. This helps in engaging customers to your websites.
Social Media and Blogs
What we buy, where we go, who we do business with has become a function of blogging and social media. Think about incorporating a blog like WordPress and top social networks like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and do posting articles to build links naturally.

Keep Your Website Up To Date

If you’re not updating your website the customers feels like boring.Your customer doesn’t appreciate it and neither does search engines. Keeping a site up to date is no easy task, especially in a world where new information is being posted at the speed of light.

Some of the other important factors to consider when building your website are web design elements, strategic use of relevant keywords, interactive content, conversion techniques, link building, maintenance, mobile friendly, captchas test, effective security, sitemap and more are there to be considered in creating a brand website.Keeping these factors in mind, and taking your time to plan your website before going digital can ensure that you have a well thought out and successful website, with good layout, good solid design and the potential to unlock a wider client base.