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In a flooded market, it takes something special to stand out.

We have a very simple production concept, create exceptional and engaging experiences.

Our aim with this is driven by a few factors, we saw the changes happening to social media and the opportunity for video to capture that all important attention. The capacity to create a pause in the constant media scrolling to stop, watch, enjoy and engage with high quality content. More than ever, media consumption is at the core of current life and it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate from the crowd.

What we have seen is an opportunity to create cinema grade material, direct for web. Our extraordinary production team have a depth of experience that lends itself to creative storytelling. That’s what we love to do. We love to look at a product, a concept, an event and then create a story that will resonate with viewers.

This creative experience is backed up by our technical expertise. With an arsenal of equipment, we know how to choose the right gear for the job and how to get the most out of the opportunity, all while keeping to a budget.

When we move into post production, this is where it kicks up another notch. Capturing great footage is one thing, making it beautiful in post-production is another. One of the key elements that separates our post production team from others is a very strong musical background. As writers, composers and producers, we know how to make a beat work. This musicality is something that we transfer into our storytelling so that we can control the mood and take the viewer on an emotional journey.

This musicality is the foundation of our post production team, we then apply the need to visually engage and immerse the viewer in the story. This is done by careful attention to colour. Working to enhance the journey, we spend time carefully crafting the look of the feature to suit the storytelling. Our clients often remark on the finish quality of our productions, this isn’t something that happens by accident. It is all done by design and it comes down to a commercial decision for you.

The decision of media that represents your brand is a direct reflection and one that needs to be handled with care. To make an appointment with our team to discuss your project please email or call 1800 896 599.

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