Top SEO Strategies to Increase the Website Traffic

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Top SEO Strategies to Increase the Website Traffic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best way to increase the traffic of your website and a significant means of revenue for those who do this business. Another greatest challenge is to maintain the traffic constantly and get the best ranking possible by the Google.

The Two Factors which influence your ranking in Search engines are

  • Links to your website and content – Creating content and generating the links is the toughest part in SEO.
  • The ranking factors that influence the ranking greatly

Here are six important strategies to be followed to stay at the top of the search engines in the year 2016.

Create a Subject Expert Influencer

In Search Engine Optimization an Influencer is the means of contact between the people and company through online. So, create an influencer on your side who is subject expert and head up to content creation on your website. Having an influencer indirectly refers to more people to you site, share your blog posts and trust your content.

Optimistic Content – Marketing Strategy

For Better ranking and SEO a result writing the content which is fresh and resourceful is very important. The content you write must contain the top rated keywords in the title or the body such that Google can recognize them and give the ranking accordingly. Hyperlinks in the body will redirect you to the other websites is also a reason for ranking and regular sharing of your website on social media makes it gain the traffic.

One more important strategy is that Google recognizes the regular updation of fresh content in the website. By doing this Google gets a signal that the site is active and the ranking chances will increase as a whole.

Create Mobile Version for your Website

According to the Google update Mobilegeddon, you must have a mobile friendly website ready by April 21st 2015 otherwise you will lose your rankings in the Google search listings. In the year 2016, your website should be mobile friendly to gain the rankings and there are three types of accepted options for a mobile site in Google’s eyes that include

  • Responsive design
  • Being set up on a mobile subdomain or
  • Use dynamic serving.

Create Secured Sites

In 2016, Google is boosting ranking to the sites which are secured. As an SEO you must work on the websites which start with Https instead of working on Http. Here “S” in the Https means security. Make sure to turn your website to Https like other website that already turned.

Mark-up your Website using is the markup that you can add in the code of your website. By adding his you can tell Google which picture on your site is your logo, where your reviews are, where your videos are, what type of company you are, where you are located and much more. The Higher officials of the Google Company have confirmed that by using this markup the ranking of the website will increase.

Powerful Backlinks Generation

Best Content writing will lead to the powerful backlink generation for your website or web page. In order to get optimal results you must hire a Public Relations Company or write to a large publication or recommending the content to people who matter.

By using tools like Majestic, you can analyze the links to you competitor sites and learn about the process of getting them and implementing the same strategy for your website also.

SEO is mainly based on the fresh and high quality content and generating powerful backlinks. In the year 2016 make sure that your website is mobile friendly and secure. Add these tips to your regular SEO works to get the optimal ranking for your website in the Google.

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