The Best Web Design Trends to Follow in 2015

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Web design fashion changes as fast as the seasons

and if you need a look back in time where we have come from, check out this mid 90’s vintage piece from Warner Brothers for Space Jam!


We’ve come a long way from the days of Under Construction animated GIFs and repeating backgrounds with Times New Roman font. The technology is rapidly increasing to make it easier for those who want to maintain their own website and keep up with the latest technical and design trends.


By far the trend leading the way is Built for Mobile.

Just take a look at the self styled “Front Page on the Internet” better known as Reddit on your mobile deveice. They are currently trialling their beta roll out of their mobile platform. Trying to do away with the pinch zoom and tiny text all too many of us know well from mobile browsing, Responsive is the fashion in 2015.


If your site isn’t mobile and tablet ready in 2015,

then you might as well be rocking it with Michael Jordan in the 90’s. Today’s customers want lightning fast access to information and if you make it too hard for them, see you later! They will bounce off and be on to the next website. Your product may be better, however if you fail to communicate that through latest technologies, your site will go the way of the dinosaurs. You can check this in Google Analytics and if you have a bounce rate floating around 60%, then it’s probably time to start looking and new technologies and strategies to improve your initial engagement.

There are two platforms leading the way in responsive design and they are WordPress, the flagship solution when you want to make it fast and make it responsive. Bootstrap – developed by Twitter, this platform provides a slick platform to build cutting edge responsive sites.

There are obviously plenty more solutions out there and depending on the scale of your project and it is important to consider the scale of your project. For many, these solutions will work perfectly for their business needs.

So when thinking about the style you want for your next website,

don’t just say that you want it simple and clean, just like the Apple website. Make sure you are up to date with the latest tech advances. Get started by checking if your website is responsive.