SEO or Social Media, which element in Digital Marketing should be given priority?

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Every business or organization has their own needs and concerns, and this decides the kind of audience you wish to reach. While making a decision on which part of digital marketing should be given more priority, identify your target audience and analyze which platform are they more active. Understand customer’s activity, and then work on your marketing funnel. SEO and social media both can serve in different ways when it comes to attracting new customers.


Web development companies in Brisbane focuses on both aspects while optimizing websites. SEO is mainly intended to influence the purchasing decision, whereas social media can be used for gaining long-term loyalty.

First focus on SEO

Marketing consultants in Brisbane believe investing on SEO is not just about the money you spend to implement your strategies, it also about spending time and having patience for results.

  • It allows businesses to prioritize their resources while preparing an outline for the content.
  • It gives freedom and time to experiment with different topics relevant to your business.
  • Detailed keyword research for SEO defines a company’s approach to Adwords to derive the desired results.
  • There is no need to spend much apart from creating, optimizing, and distributing content.

Pay attention on social media

There are many companies who built and manage the entire customer base on different social media platforms.

  • Social media platforms allow communicating directly to your target customers and this is an excellent way to get instant feedback.
  • Sharing content doesn’t compulsorily require a budget if you have adequate amount of followers.
  • You get to analyze your customer’s decision making process through different social media tools and the response which they give on your product or services.

Ways to balance both SEO and Social Media

Many experts in digital marketing may agree to the fact that balancing both equally is essential for your brand. In scenarios with stiff competition between businesses to get more reach and visibility online is one of the core reasons to handle both efficiently. For instance, video marketing requires both SEO and Social media to get promoted and to reach the audience.

  • Social shares impact the pattern or impact of the content that appears in search.
  • Balancing both SEO and Social media can be helpful in marketing funnel and conversions.

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