1. WHAT IS AN SEO AUDIT? – What goes into the process?

The TPR media team will crawl over your website and identify on-site SEO issues like on-site content, redirects, technical issues and many more. This is the first step to knowing the true costs involved in optimising your website to gain real results and rankings.

2. Diagnostics / Error Checking

i) 404 pages

404 error pages are very common in websites that have not been audited in a long time. They create a broken content that’s relevant to the existing link or page thus harming your Google rankings.

ii) Blocked robots.txt

The robots.txt file tells the search engine what to and what not to crawl on your website like the important information available. This needs to be checked and cleaned to make sure that you are having the website crawled (checked) by Google in the most optimal way to increase relivance for the search terms that you are targeting

iii) Redirection errors

Redirecting one URL to another or multipe URL’s to one can increase your rankings for certain search terms over time and our team will look into smarter ways of linking for you to maximise optimisation.

iv) Duplicate Content Issues

We check the website content very carefully to prevent duplicate content issues. Yes there can be the same content on the site but it must be coded in such a way as not to cause any issues for the Google robots.

v) Faulty Backlinks

TPR Media ensures to build high quality backlinks to move your site to top of the Google and avoid the niche based sites. We take the utmost care to prevent faulty backlinks and quality check the sites that we use often. Our team will look at your backlinks and see if there are any harmful existing links that need to be deleted.

3. On-site Analysis

i) Site Crawlability

We use the best tools to estimate how the search engine robot will crawl your site. We make sure that it begins crawling from home page to each and every page in the site in suck a way as to maximise the rank for each targeted keyword.

ii) Site Speed

Loading speed is a big issue on a lot of websites and optimising this does help you rankings so we look into this for you and see where data can be sped up to ensure Google is in and out with ease.

iii) Site Architecture& Internal Linking

Internal links can also be a problem if not directed in a Google friendly way. We make sure that search engines see the content and list these page links in their massive keyword–based indices as to maximise optimisation.

iv) Structured Data Rich Snippets

We provide on page structure data that enables search engines to better understand the information on your page and increases the page Trust Authority which are major factors when looking at optimisation.

v) Html Meta Tag Optimization

We also provide the HTML tags like Informative titles and descriptions on the head of pages that are visible to search engines. These tags provide the information about the data on your page.

vi) Image Alt Tags

Our team includes the best images in the articles and includes the ALT tags to strengthen the search engine spiders.

vii) Page Speed Analysis

We check that the pages in the site load faster in order to prevent page bounces that ad a negative impact on the indexing

viii) Mobile Friendly

With the changes that Google made in 2016, mobile friendly sites are now more important than ever and if your website is not mobile friendly you will not show up in the Google ranking on a mobile device when searching in Google on a mobile device.

ix) Content Optimization

We look at optimised content and if needed will create relevant, engaging content that will help you increase your SEO rankings, drive more online traffic and boost conversions.

4. Keyword Analysis

We use the best tools to analyze the content, extract keywords, check the text, conversions, sales and traffic optimization by evaluating the keywords ranking.

Local SEO

i) Local Citation Analysis

TPR media is well known for its local citation analysis, which include local company name, phone number, address & link. We check and make sure that all the above mentioned attributes are included in a citation.

ii) Google My Business page Audit

TPR Media provides the Google My Business page audit to ensure that the business address is listed correctly in google maps and link to your authoritative website from your My Business Page. Our audit includes the following steps :

  • Locating the proper Google My Business page
  • Finding and Destroying Duplicate pages
  • Creating Non- Penalized Local Listing
  • Is the correct Business name used?
  • Is the correct Address used?
  • Is the correct phone number used?
  • Ensure Proper Category Association
  • Check for valid E-mail and URL

These are some factors included in an efficient My business page Audit

iii) Social Media Optimization

We have an efficient team for SMO who are knowledgeable about all the techniques to increase the social media presence that helps to improve your site’s organic search results.

iv) Google Console Account Set Up

TPR Media facilitates its clients by setting up the google console account. We make sure to set up a Google console account for every project we undertake.

v) Blog & Content Strategy

Our team follows a professional strategy in blog and content writing. We make sure that the content which we give is error free and not duplicated one.

vi) Competitor SEO Analysis¬

We make sure to perform the initial competitive analysis to identify the SEO targets and provide input to establish your overall strategy.

vii) Link Building & Link Earning Strategy

We use different links for different tactics to build your links and improve traffic over time. We also search for best links and use when link building.

viii) ROI

Talk to us about your ROI’s they are impotant to us and everythign we do is taylored around these.

ix) Google Penalty review

We conduct a Google Penalty review at regular intervals to identify the decrease in traffic of your website to see where the holes are. Some of the popular penalties of google we deal with include Hummingbird update, Panda, Penguin.

x) Monthly / Weekly Reports

We prepare Monthly / Weekly reports which include page rankings, tactics, link building, content changes and many more.

xi) Support & Reporting

TPR media offers full support for all your SEO related problems. We also have a team to report errors or faults in the content or other SEO strategies so know that you are being looked after.

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