Reviews Are an Inevitable Factor In Local SEO Ranking

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Reviews are indeed the most significant ranking factor in local search, as it can easily help businesses rank well despite of low quality link profiles. It is a known fact that most of the local businesses have low link profiles, but organic ranking factors are still depended local rankings. Another important fact is that, your business can effortlessly rank well even without traditional SEO ranking. Know more about this from search engine optimization firms in Brisbane.


How do reviews correlate with rankings?

Business with more number of reviews on Google My Business page has more possibilities of ranking well in local packs. It is not just the reviews that matter, but also what’s being said about a particular firm is important. Also, the reviews that mention certain keywords, for instance, name of the city, may rank higher.


How important are links?

Websites without high quality link profiles is not really an issue when it comes to ranking in local search. But that doesn’t mean you can completely ignore links. As a matter of fact most of the websites with or without great links can rank well in local search. Google still reward optimized anchor text to keyword and city. Best web development or SEO companies in Brisbane can help you get a well optimized website.

Never take your website for granted

It is observed most of the times that, small businesses often ignore their websites, and some of them don’t even bother to have a website. Having a website is one of the reasons for most of the ranking in organic search, which indirectly means it will rank in local packs too. Afterall, website is an asset to your business.


There are 3 takeaways in this article:

  1. Ranking in organic search will lead to better ranking in local packs.
  2. Make consistent efforts to rank in ‘Google My Business’
  3. Get a well optimized website for your business.

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