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Public Relations and Social Media Management is essential for businesses to communicate and create lasting relationships with clients.

The uprising of social media has made information accessible to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Effective communication has become more important than ever, consumers are hungry for information and have numerous avenues to access it. When your business talks, every word counts. It is time to recognise the end of one way communication and the beginning of an ongoing conversation with consumers. PR is not just communication. It is a long term strategy and a meaningful brand experience for your customers.

We Offer

  • Publicity & Media Liaison

We have a team of media coordinators who can assist you by preparing media releases, opinion pieces, expert comment which are the key factors in the interest of the media.

  • Events Management and Planning

We have an expert team in Brisbane who can efficiently plan the promotion of business through events. We are famous for our Events Management and planning.

  • Sponsorship & Strategic Partnership

Sponsorships add corporate values and culture to the organization. We create value-adding sponsorships and strategic partnership which encourages your targeted audiences to do business with your company in Brisbane.

  • Promotions

Promotions are the set of activities performed to communicate the product, brand or service to the user. We promote your product or business such that it attracts the public and increases the sales.

  • Corporate Communications

Corporate communications promote the profile of the company behind the brand, delegate tasks in communication, coordinate with international business firms and mobilizes internal and external support for corporate objective.

  • Issue & Crisis Management

During the issues and crisis, we act as the best advisor and provide a Crisis Contingency plan to ensure that your organization responds very quickly during the crisis. These responses will increases the name and fame of your company in the public.

  • Media Training

We have a team of Media trainers who give the complete training and make you confident and relaxed during the interviews. We also make sure that you will realize the most important secrets of media.

  • Editorial

We have a professional and experienced editorial team who follows a structured approach to content writing and come with the perfect information you want to share with your audience, public and clients.

  • Product launches

We are famous in Brisbane to organize and conduct the product launches to introduce and popularize your new products in the public. We also provide the story behind the product and your company .

  • Ambassador selection

We communicate with the business organizations and select the most famous celebrities to become the ambassadors of your company and product to make it more popular among the public.

  • Social media strategy and implementation

We follow all the methods and strategies to make your business popular in the social media like Facebook, Twitter and many other media. We have a content and SMO team who optimize your business in the social media to make it closer to the public.

  • Digital Strategies

We follow a competitive strategy for digital marketing. We take care in the content writing, link building and other SEO tactics ensure that your business gain maximum popularity in the digital market globally.

  • Blogger relations

We maintain healthy relations with most famous bloggers. We write and post all the articles related to your business and products and post them as guest blogs in other blogger sites.

  • Social media auditing and crisis communications

We are knowledgeable and capable of conducting the social media auditing and crisis communication to mitigate potential reputation of the organization. The social media auditing and crisis communications makes your organization to respond in a professional, planned and appropriate manner which is a key factor to maintain public confidence in the company.


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