Mobile SERPs have Really Taken Over!

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Yes, you read that right!

Mobile device Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) have surpassed desktop! This isn’t the news though. The news is Google’s delivery of a separate metric that’s exciting. Google have been hinting at this feature for some time.

Mobile device SERPs became a thing in 2015.

Google gave us limited warning (in April 2015) they were moving their focus to mobile devices. Then changing the algorithms of their search bots. Our team saw this as an alert to keep a close eye on. As well as informing you, our clients, we followed the Google blogs and started to ramp up our focus on providing a measurement, with the hope we’d be ahead of the curve.

Well, Google released it to the market in November last year, through an announcement they affirmed they were splitting their indexes. Moving to what’s being called a “mobile first index”. Since then our team have been testing mobile rank tracking.

Please note the “mobile first index” hasn’t been rolled out yet, we are seeing some change in the SERPs when we compare mobile and desktop, however, it’s debated if this is a direct result of Google’s change. Regardless we are announcing we have moved the separate Mobile SERPs from beta testing to a full release.

If TPR Media is managing your online marketing, our team will start adding it to your reporting dashboard and on your Google Rankings page. It will appear as an extra tab on your SEO dashboard. And of course, we will immediately begin including the data in your scheduled PDF reports.

If you have any questions about Mobile SERPs or how to access this great new data, please call your account manager.

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