Migrate your current website to cloud hosting for better results

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We are living in an era where no business can increase their reach without appropriate online presence. So, getting a website has become mandatory, and you need hosting for the same. Hosting is important because it provides server space, file maintenance and web services to businesses and individuals as well.In this blog we will find out why cloud hosting is better than traditional hosting. This will give you an idea about how we work for our Web Hosting services in Brisbane .

Comparing traditional hosting with Cloud hosting

1. Traditional hosting

Traditional hosting offers only a fixed amount of space and there are two subtypes. One s shared hosting, where you can host multiple websites, and another is dedicated hosting where you can only one website on one server.

2. Cloud hosting

This is the most popular one these days and it leverages new cloud computing technologies. Unlimited and faster resources which are more reliable are the high point of cloud hosting. migrate-your-1

Here are five advantages of cloud hosting:-

1. 100% uptime can be expected

Cloud hosting can guarantee 100% uptime, unlike traditional hosting which can never guarantee uptime. Your business may undergo some expected loss due to poor customer experience and eventually end up losing them. So cloud computing can effortlessly save you from this risk.

2. It is cost-effective

In traditional hosting, whether it’s a dedicated or shared hosting, resource allocation is always limited, and the package cannot be changed. This is a loss of money as the resource that you buy, will be wasted if you don’t utilize it completely. In cloud hosting you pay as per your usage, because you will need to pay extra on resources depending on your need.

3. Getting the desired results

Nobody likes a poor performing website hosting and traditional hosting never offers expected output with latest SSD servers. Cloud hosting can always give auto-scalable platform, especially for websites which are flooded with traffic.

4. Managing demands of a thriving business

Your preferred hosting service should be capable of adapting the growth of your business. Cloud based services are best for this purpose, the requirement keeps fluctuating and you will need a flexible hosting service.

5. Minimal downtime and no data loss

Data loss can be an unexpected issue and hence, you will need a way to recover the lost data. In traditional hosting the whole data recovery process can be annoying, as you need to depend on off-site physical servers or copy to a disk. Cloud computing does not need a physical backup as it can frequently backup data, and even multiple times the same day.

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