Marketing Consultancy

At TPR, we offer a full marketing consultancy service. We are a fresh set of eyes and minds that help you create innovative concepts for your product or brand. We also assist in hiring media contractors when your internal team are unfamiliar with the constantly evolving skills needed in the media industry and hiring the right company for the job is a must.

We come to you and offer a dynamic, fresh and cutting-edge approach to marketing concepts and online marketing, tailored specifically to your business needs. We work with you, to ensure your ideas, thoughts and brand image are visible in the final marketing plan.

With an extensive background in sales, branding and analysis; we bring concepts to life.

Throw your challenge at us, we love it.

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Australian Institute of Personal Trainers (AIPT)

AIPT wanted to hire a small business to create a webpage for them with private access for staff all over Australia and an E-learning facility that was also based online. Due to the complexity of the task they asked if we would sit in on all of the interviews with all of the candidates and put them through their paces as their internal marketing team did not include anyone very highly skilled in website production.

We were able advise them as to the capability of each company to complete the task and help them shortlist candidates. After this successful contract we also provided other services such as graphic design services and printing services.

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Mercury Motorsport

Mercury Motorsport are a growing automotive performance workshop servicing and modifying cars from your daily driver to a sub 10 second rocket ship. The challenge has been expanding the brand recognition beyond the high performance demographic. Who better to service your car than a workshop that must meet the highest standards due to the nature of high performance vehicles.

We have been working closely with the team at Mercury to grow the brand awareness providing ideas and the training of modern marketing techniques to their staff. Sometimes investing in the teaching of your own staff can actually save you a fortune down the track and boosts staff retention rates.

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