Instagram Photos Get Bigger and Better – Now 1080 x 1080pix!

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If like many business owners, creatives, selfie addicts and new media junkies you have an Instagram account and are chasing those big numbers, you can now deliver your message in higher resolution.

With Instagram announcing an upgrade to support images sized to 1080 x 1080pix,

this is a significant increase from the 640 x 640 in use previously. Allowing you to jam in even more precious pixels, this change allows you to share you beach selfies with reckless abandon and in higher resolution.

For those of us that take Instagram a little more seriously,

it is still a very good platform for generating new interest in your brand. With daily usage that leaves Twitter in its dust, Instagram is a powerhouse in social media now in 2015.

With Facebook pages crippled by pay to play system rolled out, many who spent time cultivating an audience have seen all their hard work washed away with only the almighty dollar being able to increase their reach above a measly 10% offered without payment.

Even though Instagram was purchased by Facebook and is guaranteed to suffer the same fate, as you would have seen already they are doing a staggered roll out of sponsored posts. Often the sponsored posts on Instagram are rampaged by the locals, with screams of “get off my feed”, etcetera.

Instagram has provided the utopian paradise

many were looking for as their parents, aunts and uncles found their way to Facebook and set about embarrassing them the same way they do at family gatherings. With the move to ads underway, it is the signal of the beginning of the end for Instagram, as it will rapidly become plagued by corporate advertising.

However, for the freedom fighters out there who know how to curate great content, the opportunity is still ripe. While there is still a massive, highly engaged audience, you can now get posting in glorious 1080p and hashtag the living daylights out of it.

If you are interested in how to get the very best out of images you produce and how to export from Photoshop, check out this tutorial from our friend and master retoucher Shaun Maluga to make the most of this new upgrade.

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