Innovation in a Rapidly Changing World

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There has been a common theme in my conversations with business owners over the past few months, spanning from small owner-operator to massive retail operations.

If you let your business marketing stagnate, you’re in serious trouble. 
There is tremendous opportunity in the current market for innovation and this is driving the change across industries. It’s never been clearer than what we see in the the Uber vs Taxi’s battle being waged currently. Disruption is rapidly becoming the new normal.

This begs the question, what can I do? 
With the sheer volume of online communication opportunities available, the choices can be overwhelming. I vividly remember a simpler time, when print, radio, outdoor and cinema were our primary marketing choices.

Taking a look at the priorities of your business, review the key products or services and really break down into the niche that you service. Then developing and pushing a sharp, focussed campaign around that singular service can provide surprising results. When we talk about focussed in the hyper-aware and super fast moving online world, remember you have about three seconds to capture the attention of a potential customer.

Think about your own search behavior and how fast you hit that back button if you don’t see what you want straight away. 
One area worthy of note as we discuss innovation and change, is the genuine improvement in Facebook advertising. They have continued to refine their offering and the platform is now showing positive engagements and click through traffic, representing value for money.

There are also still significant opportunities in the rapidly growing Instagram (it now has a larger user base than Twitter) and other immediate impact platforms like Snapchat. Snapchat is no longer just the self-destructing photos and videos, it is no longer just for smartphone-savvy teens – they’re for marketers who want a creative way to reach their target audience.
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