Facebook Pages Now Show How Quickly You Respond to Customers

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If you’ve been keeping a close eye on your Facebook business page, you may have noted a new icon on the left.

Your response rate and time and now being monitored by Facebook, with reward given to that respond in 5 minutes or less.

I have noticed a mixed response from fellow business owners, with many dealing internationally and struggling to give such a fast response time due to being asleep!


However, this does provide a good metric for potential customers, indicating the speed with which you attend to requests. This function can only be seen by page admins and you need to have enabled the page to receive private messages.

The official word from Facebook

is that you are rewarded with the icon when pages have responded to at least 90% of messages and maintained a median response time of 5 minutes for all replies sent over the last 7 days.

In a time of information overload, whether this is good bad or otherwise remains to be seen. It is certainly positive reinforcement of good customer management, but adds another additional strain to businesses. Living in an age of instant gratification, it comes as no surprise.

What do you think of this new feature? Let us know!

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