Building a Colour Accurate Edit Suite: Step 1. 18% Grey & 6500K

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This all started from our discussions around colour management and best practice. What it turned into has been a journey of discovery into the complexity of building a dedicated suite.

The first step was to research what goes into a pro suite, if you were building from the ground up, then the wish list would be a whole lot longer to take into account sound deadening & acoustics right from the start. However like most, we are just working with a room that already exists and we want to make the best of it.

The first step was to get an idea of what we wanted. Cue this Resolve setup!


We then completed a 3D render of the space so that we could calculate the measurements and work out the physical dimensions for the materials required.


Next comes the colour. From extensive reading we discovered that you are trying to get an 18% mid grey. This helps with consistency of colour and to keep your perceptions as accurate as possible so there aren’t massive noticeable colour shifts in the room.  After speaking to four paint shops who all looked at me like I was crazy, I eventually ended up at Resene at Greenslopes who actually had some idea of what I was looking for. They then looked into it further and it also turns out that they have RGB colour values assigned to their paint colours which made a massive difference in selecting the final colour.


Next was the lights. Once again, extensive research said to 6500K everything and try to keep direct light off the monitors. Up above we have GU10 fittings that used to run halogens that were power hungry and terrible. We threw those in the bin and managed to find 6500 kelvin LEDs from OSRAM that have stepped in to take up the lighting duties. We’ve gone for  3.3w to keep a relatively low output also which is equivalent to 35W in the old money.


Next bit is the fun part, we cleared the room out and prepped the walls. As you can see, it’s not much to look at now!


And then the after photo, lights are installed and the first coat has gone down. There’s still a heap of work to do, but it’s exciting to finally have the build underway!


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