6 Organic search ranking factors is trending in Digital World

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It has become crucial to analyze the organic search ranking factors. Direct website visits are the most influential factors in organic search results. There are other factors too, for instance, content in top 3 positions is 45% longer than content in 20th position, 65% of domains ranking high-volume keyword is the result of HTTP domain, and 185 of page ranking which is for high-volume keyword does not have any keyword in the body text. Well organized SEO companies in Brisbane have trained digital marketers with expertise in SEO to help you get through these ranking factors.


Total number of website visits

Website visits have a connection with page rankings, as a massive number of visits are the result of higher page authority.

On-page SEO factors

Implementing traditional SEO is still practiced by most of the search engine optimization agencies in Brisbane. Over 75% content in top 20 pages must have appropriate keywords, and atleast 60% should have keywords in the title.


Rich backlink profiles hold top positions for high-volume keywords. Extra link building will be an added advantage, and if in case low volume keywords are used. Backlinks play a major part in ranking the site.

Result of high bounce rate

High-ranking pages with relevant content have low bounce rate. If the content is less relevant, meaningless or the page loading speed is slow, there are chances of high bounce rate. These user behavior signals determine the overall performance of your website.

Website security (HTTP)

Search engine results are primarily occupied by HTTPS domains for high volume keywords. To compete with high-volume keywords you will definitely need HTTP domain.

Quality and length of content

Quality and length are equally important for readable content. Longer informative content can go a long way when it comes to attracting more readers. Also, ensure that you do not compromise with the quality and relevance while providing quantity.

Final thoughts:-

Even though, each ranking factor has its own significance, you can focus your SEO effort on few particular ranking factors which will give you better results. The above given ranking factors are based on recent studies and research by experienced SEO companies in Brisbane. Utilize their unique features in order to create the best optimized website with a knowledgeable web development company.

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